What to Bring

Please ensure you bring the following items with you to your medical

1. Photo identification – either passport or driving licence

2. Application form – please complete only the relevant form(s) for your licencing authority

          (a)   CAA/EASA application form available here – please complete fully but do not sign or date it

          (b)   FAA application must be completed online at https://medxpress.faa.gov Please ensure you bring your application confirmation number

3. Your current or most recent medical certificate, if you have one

4. Glasses and/or contact lenses if you wear them, plus a copy of your most recent prescription. Your eyesight will be checked with and without corrective lenses, so please bring pots/saline as necessary for contact lenses

5. A printed list of any current medication

6. If relevant, copies of any correspondence from specialist doctors and/or the CAA/FAA