Dr. Helen Hoar


CAA AME 10345

FAA AME 01354

After completing medical training at the University of Birmingham, I spent several years as a trainee surgeon, obtaining Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1997. I obtained my PPL the following year and subsequently took a year out of medicine to obtain my frozen Airline Transport Pilots Licence. After a brief return to medicine, I started flying commercially in 2000, operating the B737-300/400/500 and 700 variants for three airlines in four years. I currently fly the B747-400 for a major UK airline and have accumulated in excess of 12,000 flying hours to date.

I undertook both the basic and advanced aviation medicine courses at King’s College London in 2001, the Diploma in Aviation Medicine (DAvMed) in 2003 and became an AME in 2007. I am also approved by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). 

I have worked as an AME at Whiteladies Health Centre since 2007. In addition, I worked extensively at the Aeromedical Centre, Mater Private Hospital in Dublin between 2009 and 2015 and also undertake occasional sessional work at the NATS Aeromedical Centre in Swanwick. 

In addition to my aviation medicine qualifications, I have completed additional postgraduate qualifications in Occupational Medicine and in 2012 was awarded an MSc in Occupational Medicine from the University of Manchester, researching work-related stress in commercial airline pilots. 

I am an Associate Fellow of the Aerospace Medical Association, a member of the Aerospace Medicine Group at the Royal Aeronautical Society, a former member of the BALPA Medical Group (2003-2015), a member of the Specialty Advisory Committee at the Royal College of Physicians for the new specialty of Aviation and Space Medicine and a contributing author to the recently published Handbook of Aviation and Space Medicine. I was elected Chair of the UK Association of Aviation Medical Examiners (AAME) in 2019. 

I have a long-held interest in altitude medicine and have participated in a number of high altitude medical research expeditions to the Andes, Alps and the Himalayas and obtained the UIAA Diploma in Mountain Medicine (DMM) in 2006.